Stories of GSW


In September 2012 two companies from different cultures as well as industries envisioned that combining their competencies and resources would help reach their common goal of building a strong business in the shipping industry. This included building a team with both local and global market expertise, investing in vessels and providing logistic seaborne solutions.

A joint venture between Stena Weco (SW) and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) was created and resulted in what today is Golden Stena Weco (GSW). We believed that it was a need for an increase in the intermediate chemical tanker segment in Asia and today we can clearly see that our belief was a fact. We have become a powerful organization assisting the world’s second largest palm oil producer GAR and SW, one of the biggest MR operators. Both organizations are determined to create a quality logistic centre that acts both as a charterer and an owner, in a manner that is summarized in our motto: “First Class Palm Oil Partners”.

Three Signatures

With these three signatures GSW was established. At that time with only five people on board and yet no vessels; but the goal was clear and resources committed.

From the left: Johan Wedell – Wedellsborg (Dannebrog), Franky Widjaja (GAR) and Dan Olsson (Stena)

Steady Progress

Today we have built a full-fledged shipping team with a fleet of intermediate vessels operating world-wide.

Our strategy and decisive vision continues to lead us to even greater accomplishments in the future.